From the Vicarage February 2015

The bedroom window this morning

From the vicarage

As I write, it’s 100 days to the next general election. Polls suggest that it will be the closest election in many years. Why is this? Some people believe that politics and politicians are all the same these days. There is no great ideological battle or class struggle. The political arena is about personality not principle. Government has become about being popular and managing the economy. (has it ever been about anything but the economy?)

It seems that there are two main issues which the main parties believe will determine the outcome of the election.

  1. Debt.

Why has the government borrowed so much money (£1.45 trillion – £25,000 for every person in the UK) and how will we pay it back? We continue to increase borrowing at £5200 per second. By the time you’ve read this parish magazine (1 hour from now) the government will have borrowed another £18,700,000. Because of this, we face the real prospect of a massive debt crisis like Greece.

  1. The NHS and welfare
    What is wrong with the NHS and welfare and how will they be fixed?

There are two other big issues which need thinking about.

  1. British Values
    What are British values and where to they come from?
  2. Cohesion and integration.
    British society is now super diverse. Do you think cohesion and integration are important and, if so, how will they come about?

Last election we held a hustings at Holy Trinity. I plan to hold another one, probably on Thursday 23rd April. At that hustings, we will put these questions and others to the parliamentary candidates.

I’d also like to ask the candidates, what makes for good government?

You might have a great question which will make politicians think about their role more carefully. If you have a question which will get below the petty popularity parade and go deeper than money management of the economy, please let me know it. Drop your question in at church, or into the vicarage. Text me (07810 544 265) or email me (

As a democratic country, we will get the government we ask for and so deserve. I pray that the hustings and the election will make us ask what we want from our government not just which party to choose.

God bless


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