From the vicarage – January 2016

Five planets are aligning across the dawn sky over the next month, in a rare treat for skywatchers. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter will be simultaneously visible to the naked eye for the first time in more than a decade. The spectacle is visible from Wednesday until 20 February and experts advise stargazers to begin their viewing 45 minutes before dawn.

Two events will also coincide this year on 12 June. It is the day we have chosen to celebrates 175 years of Christian ministry ay Holy Trinity. It is also the day when the nation celebrates the 90th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen. We are beginning to plan a great celebration, so watch out for more details as the year unfolds.

Watch out, too, for a very special book being published to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. “The Servant Queen – and the King She Serves” is a beautifully illustrated short book, which uses the Queen’s own words to draw out the central role of her trust in Jesus Christ, offering an inspiring, multi-faceted insight into a life well-lived for others.

Thousands of churches across the country will be giving away copies of this unique tribute published by HOPE, Bible Society and the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity.

HOPE’s executive director Roy Crowne says, ‘We are thrilled to have the foreword of this book written by Her Majesty. The Queen has served the country and Commonwealth for more than 60 years. From 10-12 June 2016 we will celebrate her 90th birthday. It is a chance to say thank you to God and to the Queen for her life and example as a follower of Jesus Christ.’

Paul Woolley, Deputy Chief Executive at Bible Society, said, ‘In drawing attention to the central role of the Queen’s faith in her life and reign, The Servant Queen will be a unique 90th birthday publication. The book will inform, surprise, entertain and challenge, all at the same time.’

Co-author of the book, Mark Greene, Executive Director of LICC, added, ‘As I’ve been writing this book and talking about it to friends, to family who don’t know Jesus, to my Jewish barber, I’ve been struck how very interested they are to discover more about the Queen’s faith. The Queen has served us all her adult life, with amazing consistency of character, concern for others and a clear dependence on Christ. The more I’ve read what she’s written and talked to people who know her, the clearer that is.’

12th June 2016 promises to be a very special day for us here at Holy Trinity as we host a double celebration. Please pray for all the organisation and planning which we need to do. If you have any suggestions for what we could do to celebrate on that day, please let me know.

With much love


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