From the vicarage – May 2016

Our 175th anniversary is fast approaching. June the 11th is not long off. I want to encourage everyone to make the most of the opportunity the anniversary gives us to celebrate the faithfulness of God.

Colin Lucock is leading a team to put on an exhibition Holy Trinity church’s history. There will be three themes in the exhibition. First, there’s the changes to the building and landscape; second, the changes in the people down the ages; and, third, the unchanging faithfulness of God through his life giving Word.

My personal favourite piece of our church’s history, so far, is the memorial stone by the north door, dedicated to William Bache, who died in 1899, which reads:

This memorial is erected by the past and present members of the Holy Trinity Sunday morning bible class, as a token of their affectionate esteem for his diligent and painstaking service in teaching them to reverence and love the Word of God.

There we can see the faithfulness of God. It is through diligent and painstaking teaching that God’s word is made alive and relevant. This is the way we come to know God and so love and revere him, in his word.

On Sunday 17th March we were reminded from Ephesians 2, that the church is built on the foundations of the prophets and apostles (the Word of God). And so it must be our prayer on this 175th anniversary that we look back and celebrate the faithfulness of God and then look forward. May our anniversary be a time of re-commitment. May we ask God to continue to raise up men and women who lovingly, diligently and painstakingly teach the word of God so that this generation and our children’s children will be able to say “Surely our God is faithful. We know this because we have learned to reverence and love all of God’s word.”

I like to believe that the past and present members of William Bache’s Sunday morning bible class not only wanted to remember him but wanted future generations to be reminded of the essential work of God’s people. The memorial is an important piece of history but is also a powerful signpost which keeps us faithful to God’s word today.

There may be all sorts of treasures like this which our exhibition uncovers for us. I really look forward to what is put on display and hope God will keep us on the right road through it. Will you pray for the anniversary week? Pray for everyone who is invited to attend and for all who come to leave with a greater grasp of the faithfulness of God in his word.

God bless


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