Sabbatical Day Nine: More Birmingham Library and Leuenberger

It’s a little bit same old, same old.  I finished Samuel Leuenberger’s fantastic book “Archbishop Cranmer’s Immortal Bequest.”  If you would like to read an introductory paper by him, it can be found on this page at the Church Society’s website with an overview by Chris Kilgour on the function of the structure of the communion service as evangelistic, not just our preaching.

I started to draft an introduction to the study guide, whilst the doctrine of communion is still fresh in my mind.  As I begin to write, it dawned on me that it will need a peer review and a trial run with my small group or a group of volunteers.

I had a packed lunch on the roof of the library, overlooking West Bromwich, and was moved to pray for the people of our town.  “Lord, how will the people of West Bromwich ever be united in you?  Will you use this study project to bring folk to faith and unity in Christ?”

library roof

Prayer lunch on the roof of Birmingham Library overlooking West Bromwich.

Tomorrow I will begin to look at some catechisms, and begin to structure the study guide to the liturgy.


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