Sabbatical Day 14: Old friends and model service

A part of being on sabbatical is making the most of the opportunity to visit other churches, for fellowship and an insight into what God is doing there.  This morning, all five Robbies, with Amanda’s mum, sister and our niece piled into St Luke’s Wolverhampton, my training church.  It was very lovely to catch up with old friends and to meet new ones.  The service was very similar to our own at Holy Trinity, except the communion liturgy was on a double sided A4 laminated sheet.  I’ve asked Richard E-B for a a copy and have been thinking for a while that we might need to do the same for Holy Trinity.  There is something helpful about having the prayers on a piece of paper, where we can see where we are going and not have to look up at little fragments of the service, often poorly formatted, on the screen.

I’ve been thinking over the past two weeks of study about the role of the exhortations in the prayer book and Richard used a succinct version in today’s service, helpfully clarifying reasons for taking communion or not.

This evening I listed all the signs of the covenant in the Pentateuch, and want to speak with Gary Williams this week about the parallels between Old Testament signs and the Lord’s Supper.

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