The cross of Christ is God’s warning and invitation to all.

Just last month, on March 16th, a coroner in West London issued a serious warning to all smartphone users. Don’t charge your phone when you are in the bath. The warning was issued after 32 year old Richard Bull, tragically killed himself whilst having a bath. He was using his Apple Phone in the bath and charging it at the same time. His Apple charger touched the water at his home in Ealing, West London and electrocuted him, killing him instantly.

5 days ago, the West Midlands police issued a warning to drug users after a man in Birmingham died after using Black mamba. Two other men were seriously ill, from the same batch.

In 1751, the British Government passed an Act of Parliament to allow Gibbetting. Gibbetting was when the body of someone who had been hanged for their crimes was displayed, normally beside a highway or beside a port. The Gibbitted body acted as a warning to thieves, murderers, pirates and sheep stealers, that the punishment for their crimes would be death by hanging.

Some ways that people die act as a warning to us. Don’t charge your phone in the bath. Don’t use drugs. In the olden days, don’t thieve, murder, pirate or steal sheep.

And the way Jesus died is a warning from God to us all.

The bible tells us that Jesus was and is the Son of God, the eternal Son, who had always lived with his Father in glory. On that first Good Friday, the Son of God died on the cross, his death was a warning to all people.

The warning is clear when we know what kind of death Jesus died and why he died.

Jesus died the death of a criminal who was being punished for his crimes.

The bible makes it clear that he died an innocent man, he did nothing to deserve his death.
He died because of love.
He died because of his love for the same people he helped his Father to create.
He died under judgement as a sacrifice for his people.
He died as a warning to us all.

Here’s the warning. One day God will judge all people for the way we have lived our lives. And the punishment for the things we have done wrong and the good things we failed to do is the same kind of death which Jesus died. Eternal death by execution. His death is a warning to us all that judgement is coming.

Yet, thankfully, His death is also an invitation. The bible tells us that Jesus died in the place of everyone who loves and Jesus and believes in him. His death is an invitation to us to trust him.

On Good Friday, God issues us all a warning today, but he also issues us an invitation. Jesus says “trust in me and live, free from the fear of judgement and inspired to live a life of love for others.”

Will you receive his invitation today or will you ignore the warning?

About neilrobbie

I am a 6'6" formerly ginger Scot, in a cross cultural marriage to my lovely Londoner wife. We've lived in SE Asia and since 2005, I have served as an Anglican minister in Wolverhampton and West Bromwich.
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