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The day King Saul tried to play God. Lessons for Boris Johnson.

Does it matter if Boris Johnson, MPs and staff had drinks parties after passing a law prohibiting social gatherings? Whatever we think about the effectiveness of the law itself, Boris breached a principle which was agreed in this land over … Continue reading

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Towards Spiritual Maturity – William Still – the roots of biblical counselling from the 1960s

Overcoming evil in the Christian Life. Working with Christ through spiritual battles, depression, self doubt and anxiety. Mr Still unpacks the victory of Christ over sin and evil before exploring the reality of sin and evil in the life of … Continue reading

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Something better at reducing poverty than Modern Money Theory (MMT)

Modern Money Theory (MMT) has captivated the imagination of many economists and political thinkers.  MMT is the idea that a government which has its own fiat money can never run out of money because it can always create more.  MMT … Continue reading

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Does God expect a victim of abuse to forgive their abuser?

I’ve just watched Mez McConnell talk with Andy Constable, Graham Thompson, and Ian Williamson about the difficult topic of abuse and forgiveness. I want to share it on my blog for some important reasons. If you have suffered abuse of … Continue reading

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Being blessed through fear

Know what you fear by the choices you make. We know from experience that fear drives our choices and behaviour. Phobias make this plain to see. A fear of spiders makes some people scream and run away. A fear of … Continue reading

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Dealing with disagreement, finding purpose in Paul’s letter to the Philippians.

You might want to disagree with me, you might be right, but it seems Paul’s letter to the Philippians deals throughout with the difficult reality of disagreement between gospel partners.   I believe the pastoral purpose is found in its closing … Continue reading

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If my disciples stay quiet, the stones will cry out.

 ‘I tell you,’  Jesus replied, ‘if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.’ (Luke 19:40) I have often been left wondering what this little phrase might mean. It clearly means that the whole of creation, even rocks and stones, cry … Continue reading

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When Jesus saw their faith. The healing of the paralytic, a physical expression of true faith.

In Mark’s gospel, physical healings and miracles, done by Jesus, parallel a spiritual reality in his followers.  For example, Jesus healed the blind man at Bethsaida (Mark 8) who could only partially see to begin with, and this parallels Peter’s … Continue reading

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The cross of Christ is God’s warning and invitation to all.

Just last month, on March 16th, a coroner in West London issued a serious warning to all smartphone users. Don’t charge your phone when you are in the bath. The warning was issued after 32 year old Richard Bull, tragically … Continue reading

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Why communion without a human “priest” is still communion.

There was once a prisoner in solitary confinement who had lived a notoriously evil life since rejecting the Christian faith of his parents, who had baptised him as a child. He had been caught, tried, found guilty of his crimes … Continue reading

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