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Trevor Phillips on Christians in modern society

The dust is settling on the report in the Sunday Telegraph which quoted “equalities boss” Trevor Phillips on the relationship between Christians and modern society. There’s been discussion elsewhere on the internet about whether or not Christians are more militant, … Continue reading

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Which church would you prefer to be ordained into?

I’ve been reading the Church of England’s ordinal with my ministry trainee in preparation for his Bishops’ Advisory Panel.  As we read the Book of Common Prayer ordinal it dawned on me that I was asked quite different questions at … Continue reading

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What Jesus meant by salt and light. Lessons for Anglicanism.

When Jesus said to his disciples “You are the salt of the earth and the light of the world” it would have been crystal clear what he meant to a first century Jew, but to us it is little more … Continue reading

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The difference one line makes: changing Anglican prayers

One of the benefits of having a ministry trainee who is steeped in all things Anglican, which I am not, is having someone to remind me about the church calendar, which I knew existed but didn’t think anyone used. I … Continue reading

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The BBC: too narrow and negative

I blogged last week on the danger of a gospel denying fault line in the Anglican Communion and am sad to see that the BBC is exacerbating the fault line by its narrow and negative reporting of the matter. Headlines … Continue reading

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