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Marrow of Modern Divinity notes from week 3.

Antinomian is pleased that Evangelista has silenced Nomista and so asks Evangelista to explain the covenant of grace.  In this section, Evangelista turns his conversation to the nature of God, and the inseparable work and interaction between God’s attributes: Truth, … Continue reading

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The differences between legalism, antinomianism, neonomianism and the true gospel in four lines.

There are four ways which people confuse the law of God (nomos) and the gospel of God’s grace in Christ.  Here’s a way I find helpful of knowing the truth, which sets us free. Legalism – the separation of the … Continue reading

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Which way are you sailing?

For many people the Christian life begins by grasping the cross of Christ through repentance and faith. The cross is the starting point, like a harbour in a storm, and then the Christian sets sail. With the cross behind them, … Continue reading

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