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Empiricism and faith in Nanny McPhee

Our family loved the first Nanny McPhee film with Emma Thompson so when adverts on buses appeared for “Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang” we had our Easter holiday cinema visit sorted. The second film was every bit as good … Continue reading

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Thinking again about atheism

My recent encounters with atheists on this blog have got me thinking again about what atheism is.  I write from the perspective of an ex-atheist.  From the age of 18 to 23 I called myself an atheist and even joined … Continue reading

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Conversations with an atheist on state education

I contributed last week to a debate on the Daily Telegraph forum which proposed the ending of state funding of faith schools. In response, I pointed out that secularism or atheism is a faith position, where faith as the assent to … Continue reading

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Dawkins – evangelical atheist?

I loved this piece from the Daily Telegraph’s Britons of the Year, 2009 (25 notable Britons) which described Richard Dawkins as an evangelical (surely evangelistic) atheist. There’s a great, really withering comment at the end which I’ve highlighted: Richard Dawkins: … Continue reading

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From the vicarage June 2009

Here’s the third of four, “From the vicarage” first published in the church magazine in June 2009. We each have a story and I have been reminded of mine as I read Psalm 107 this week. After leaving home aged … Continue reading

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