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We are moving home, church, kids’ school and town today. I’ve been curate of St Luke’s for 3 years and 8 months. It has been a good season. The cross has regained centre ground in my life and I’ve come … Continue reading

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Gospel vision and the inner city

At a “mission action plan” meeting on Saturday we talked about three types of people who live in the inner-city: The aspirational: I want to get out of here, and will leave as soon as I have the money The … Continue reading

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Follow the Saviour (Wolverhampton version)

I posted an extended prayer of confession from Colin Buchanan’s “Follow the Saviour” CD a couple of weeks ago. We changed the Australian place names in this song to make it local. If you live in Wolverhampton or the Black … Continue reading

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9 habits of highly effective churches

I’ve started reading George Barna’s 9 Habits of highly effective churches, which begins with the premise that every church has many ingrained habits but not all church habits are effective. Effective churches grow and multiply mature, effective Christians. According to … Continue reading

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LANAs – the blind leading the blind?

I went to the second of three LANA (Local Area and Neighbourhood Arrangement) consultation meetings last night. LANAs are the latest initiative which shows that our government is “listening”, which in effect means the blind are leading the blind. The … Continue reading

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An inside view of inner city ministry

Is inner city ministry as hard and scary as we might led to believe by the media? I’ve been in Blakenhall, Wolverhampton for two and a half years. This area of the city recently received a European development grant for … Continue reading

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