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7 ways believers are already blessed

The fifth anniversary of my blog Transforming Grace is coming up in December. It all started because I wanted somewhere to keep my notes from Thomas Watson’s Exposition of the Beatitudes.  It took me 11 months to read it the … Continue reading

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The beatitudes as ultimate blessing

I’ve posted lots on this blog from Thomas Watson’s exposition of the beatitudes and will be preaching them myself in a few weeks time as we start the Sermon on the Mount.  John M. Frame really helpful points out (in … Continue reading

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What really makes men happy?

The Times magazine ran four articles on Saturday on the unhappy state of British men. The articles were fascinating. The last one, by Robert Crampton, highlighted the root of the problem: What really makes men happy? Richer, safer, healthier, more … Continue reading

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On being a happy nation.

The UK’s coalition government announced last week that the success of the nation will no longer be measured by its wealth generating power but by how happy we all are as a population. It’s a fairly obvious political move to … Continue reading

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