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Jesus hands the powerless the trump card over corrupt governments

As the United Nations drags it’s feet over the atrocities in Syria, and rulers of the post-Christian West wring their hands at Russian and Chinese vetoes, the people of Syria continue to suffer.  Rather than wait for intervention from the … Continue reading

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On being a happy nation.

The UK’s coalition government announced last week that the success of the nation will no longer be measured by its wealth generating power but by how happy we all are as a population. It’s a fairly obvious political move to … Continue reading

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Has your MP kept a vineyard?

Yesterday ‘s post on art, virtue and knowledge in public speaking applies as much to members of parliament as to ministers in the church. MPs fall when virtue is absent. So here’s some more food for thought for any prospective … Continue reading

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From the vicarage March 2010

From the vicarage March 2010 By the time this edition of the parish magazine is published we might know the date of the next general election. So what sort of person do we want as our local MP? What sort … Continue reading

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