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Men and women in ministry: how will the vote go #2

Yesterday I posted a rough guide to the three main views on men and women in ministry. Those views are not enough to know how people will vote at synod on this complicated issue. I think the various views on … Continue reading

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Two structures required for church growth (2)

In a previous post on two structures required for church growth I commented on the need for both a formal church structure and an expansive network of evangelists, pastors and teachers. I’ve just seen this review of Tony Payne & … Continue reading

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From the vicarage Nov 2009

From the vicarage November 2009 Dear All One of the great heroes of modern British history is Scott of the Antarctic. His goal to be the first man in the world to stand on the south pole inspired millions. His … Continue reading

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How to make peace at church (part 2)

When Christians are wronged what should we do? Fight for our rights? Demand a hearing? Expect respect from others? Paul writes to the Philippians from his jail cell and tells them that his only concern is that Jesus looks glorious. … Continue reading

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When churches schism or grow

I blogged yesterday on acceptance and godliness in marriage and relationships. The principle of not mixing acceptance (justification) and behaviour (sanctification) in relating to God and each other applies to church as well as marriage. The result of mixing acceptance … Continue reading

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Vision and personality

We had a mission action plan meeting at St Luke’s a few weeks back. Part of the day was spent discussing our current aim statement and whether or not we needed a vision statement. As we reviewed vision statements of … Continue reading

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