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CDM: moral injury caused by the absence of God’s love.

The human cost of the Clergy Discipline Measure is enormous.  37% of respondents to the Sheldon Hub survey experienced thoughts of suicide.  62% suffer depression.  Many clergy have left ministry and others, like me, survive but experience ongoing institutional betrayal … Continue reading

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GS 2219 – failure to prevent the weaponising of CDM

Overall comment The proposals in GS 2219 make several improvements to the existing scheme for clergy discipline but fall short of what is needed to protect clergy from the destructive weaponizing of the measure. The CDM process has been shown … Continue reading

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Countering liberal mottos with “Radical agreement” and “Good inclusion”.

Just do it. I’m loving it. Finger lickin’ good. Have a break… Eat fresh. Every little helps. Probably the best beer in the world. Everyone knows the power of a slogan to capture the imagination and influence the crowds. Many … Continue reading

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How banns can be banned and we can still be missional

Marriage in the Church of England is a complex legal thing. The CofE acts on behalf of the state for the legal aspect of marriage.  For British ad EU nationals resident in the UK it is legally required, or at … Continue reading

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More Common Worship canticle vandalism

This morning’s canticle from Common Worship was culled from Isaiah 9:2-7, but it’s been vandalised like most of the other canticles in our liturgy.  Why?  What is wrong with the flow of the song as it was originally written?  Here’s … Continue reading

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The Canticle for Advent. What’s missing?

I’ve been using the Church of England’s prayers in the morning recently, and not just because I ought to, being a vicar and all.  I find the mixture of prayers based on scripture, the psalms and readings work well together.  … Continue reading

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From the vicarage November 2013

From the vicarage – November 2013 One of the current buzz words in the Church of England is “pioneer” ministry. The idea of being a pioneer minister is to create new ways of doing church which meets the needs of … Continue reading

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Beware of Anglican Liturgy

I’m ordained in the Anglican Church yet have never really used the daily office for my prayers and devotions. Part of the preference was due to the complexity of using Common Worship.  I never really worked out which page to … Continue reading

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Number Crunching – BBC vs CofE

With a new leader just appointed to the Church of England and a new one now required for the BBC, I thought I’d compare these two venerable public service institutions by numbers. Perhaps the new DG, when appointed, could learn … Continue reading

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St Paul’s and Occupy London: ask the right question get the right answer

As events in London outside St Paul’s twist and turn and the media filters the story through its own secular hermeneutic there is a growing potential for a great amount of good to emerge from the situation.  If the passion … Continue reading

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