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Men and women in ministry: how will the vote go #3

I’ve posted this week on the various views on women and bishops and now putting the two debates together, gender and episcopacy, we can get a rough guide to how people will vote.  It is fascinating.  If there are enough … Continue reading

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Men and women in ministry: how will the vote go #2

Yesterday I posted a rough guide to the three main views on men and women in ministry. Those views are not enough to know how people will vote at synod on this complicated issue. I think the various views on … Continue reading

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When “the mind of the church” opposes God’s will.

Amending Canon C2: Open reception (aka the mind of the church or the Gamaliel principle) what is it? Synods, both deanery and diocesan, up and down the country will be voting on motions on the consecration of women bishops in … Continue reading

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The disasterous effect of bishops as the focal point of unity.

West Bromwich deanery agreed on the submission of papers of one side of A4 before we vote on the motion on women in the episcopate and CEEC following motion.  This is my paper: What happens when Bishops take the place … Continue reading

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Which church would you prefer to be ordained into?

I’ve been reading the Church of England’s ordinal with my ministry trainee in preparation for his Bishops’ Advisory Panel.  As we read the Book of Common Prayer ordinal it dawned on me that I was asked quite different questions at … Continue reading

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What Jesus meant by salt and light. Lessons for Anglicanism.

When Jesus said to his disciples “You are the salt of the earth and the light of the world” it would have been crystal clear what he meant to a first century Jew, but to us it is little more … Continue reading

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Why I won’t use the Church of England lectionary

We take our second reading for Sunday morning services from the Church of England Common Worship lectionary, the main reading comes from our own sermon series. Yesterday we read Matthew 23v1 to 24v2 and the lectionary reading was Psalm 103.  … Continue reading

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What will big society look like?

What will David Cameron’s “Big Society” look like?  No one really knows.  His aim is “to create a climate that empowers local people and communities, building a big society that will ‘take power away from politicians and give it to … Continue reading

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What motivates your personal devotion (quiet time)?

My ministry trainee has been asked by the DDO (Diocesan Director of Ordinands) to spend some time using the Anglican daily office in preparation for selection conference. He has also been asked to interview me about my devotional life. In … Continue reading

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Illegal immigrants, church weddings and the separation of church and state.

Yesterday I posted on the pressure placed on vicars in multicultural inner city parishes by the marriage act of 2005. What would happen if the law was changed so that the Church of England no longer acted in place of … Continue reading

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