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Scottish Referendum: the Good News, the Hope and the Fear

From the Vicarage As I write, the Scottish vote on independence will be held tomorrow. The polls today show the gap between yes and no stands at 4%, which is too close to call. By the time you read this, … Continue reading

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From the vicarage April 2011

This post is a bit late, I forgot to post it and the APCM is past! From the vicarage April 2011 The annual parochial church meeting is upon us again. I want to encourage you to come along, not just … Continue reading

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Graham Allen on early intervention: why can’t the state let go?

I posted yesterday on the need for the state and church to work out their respective roles and stick to them.  Yet, on Saturday 18th Dec, Nottingham MP Graham Allen was interviewed on Radio 4 Today programme about early intervention … Continue reading

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What will big society look like?

What will David Cameron’s “Big Society” look like?  No one really knows.  His aim is “to create a climate that empowers local people and communities, building a big society that will ‘take power away from politicians and give it to … Continue reading

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Moving to Birmingham? Come and live in West Bromwich.

If you are a Christian moving to Birmingham, why not think about living in West Bromwich and getting involved at Holy Trinity?  We are a growing church and here’s a list of reasons why you might choose to live in … Continue reading

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Answers to the 10 questions from kids

Here’s how I answered the questions put to me by five and six year olds at church last week. General stuff about the building: 1. Why do churches look like castles? Because, when you build with stone you need to … Continue reading

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Believers made for church or vice versa?

There’s times when some believers will say, “it feels like we’re only in this church to serve its ministries.” This weightiness of duty grows from the belief that believers are called to tasks and ministries to keep the church alive, … Continue reading

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