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More Common Worship canticle vandalism

This morning’s canticle from Common Worship was culled from Isaiah 9:2-7, but it’s been vandalised like most of the other canticles in our liturgy.  Why?  What is wrong with the flow of the song as it was originally written?  Here’s … Continue reading

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Beware of Anglican Liturgy

I’m ordained in the Anglican Church yet have never really used the daily office for my prayers and devotions. Part of the preference was due to the complexity of using Common Worship.  I never really worked out which page to … Continue reading

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Which church would you prefer to be ordained into?

I’ve been reading the Church of England’s ordinal with my ministry trainee in preparation for his Bishops’ Advisory Panel.  As we read the Book of Common Prayer ordinal it dawned on me that I was asked quite different questions at … Continue reading

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Correcting Common Worship Canticles

I wrote yesterday on the use of God’s word as invitation from J.I. Packer’s book Knowing God and how evangelicals are put off the use of liturgy because of the frequent vandalism of God’s word. Here’s an example of a … Continue reading

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The difference one line makes: changing Anglican prayers

One of the benefits of having a ministry trainee who is steeped in all things Anglican, which I am not, is having someone to remind me about the church calendar, which I knew existed but didn’t think anyone used. I … Continue reading

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