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The marks of a converted soul

What does it mean to be converted to faith in Christ? In this quote from January 16th in Daily Readings: The Puritans, Richard Baxter briefly and clearly sets out what conversion is like. …the converted soul, having felt himself undone … Continue reading

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George Foreman on conversion and forgiveness

I’m reading George Foreman’s biography “By George” which is a really delightful book.  Foreman’s renewed character, from feral street kid to proud boxer to humbled sinner saved by Christ, shines through his writing and he sounds a lot like he … Continue reading

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Preaching wrath and grace

I find one of the most difficult areas of preaching and teaching about God is how to communicate his wrath and his grace so that sinners know God is primarily for us and not against us; that he wants what … Continue reading

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Avoiding neonomian evangelism [updated]

Ten years ago evangelicals would deride liberals for their notion of the spiritual journey. Today, it seems, the liberals were right. The language, or at least the notion, of journeying is now almost ubiquitous. The evangelical trip with God begins … Continue reading

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