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By what kind of death did Jesus die? What death do all humans face?

“But we have no right to execute anyone,” the Jews objected. This happened so that the words Jesus had spoken indicating the kind of death he was going to die would be fulfilled. (John 18:31-32) The Jews insisted, ” We … Continue reading

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40 days of transformation: Day 3 – love myself

Jesus said “love your neighbour as yourself.”  God expects me to do good and look after my neighbour, not harm them. To be kind, compassionate, thoughtful, patient, forgiving and so on. One of the dangers I have found in Christian … Continue reading

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Could Jesus have chosen not to die on the cross?

At our small groups at Holy Trinity we are working through a stimulating study guide called Finding Christ in the Old Testament [CFP, Inversness, 2002]. One question raised this week by a group was “could Jesus have chosen not to … Continue reading

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A glorious summary of the person and work of Christ by Thomas Boston

Thomas Boston, the Ettrick Shepherd, was a Christ-centred preacher, a model for preachers today, as Andrew Thompson writes: We have only to look into his sermons in order to see what a blessed extent his practice realized his aim. His … Continue reading

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The road to ministry burnout

I have been a vicar for 22 months. When I arrived from a great curacy I was spiritually close to the Lord, physically healthy and emotionally robust. After 15 months in post I was suffering signs of stress; poor sleep, … Continue reading

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Christianity Explored: clouds, a cry and the temple curtain

We’re on week four of Christianity Explored, the death of Christ. The course study guide makes three points about the crucifixion: the darkness shows God’s anger being directed at Jesus as he is cut off from his Father in heaven; … Continue reading

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Genesis 2:17 and the trial and execution of Christ

In a previous post I drew a distinction between natural death and judicial death at the fall. The same sort of distinction is made in Pierced for our Transgressions: The nature of death What is the nature of the ‘death’ … Continue reading

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