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Don Carson on marriage and the civil/ceremonial distinction

I’ve blogged in the past on how I’d remarry Christian divorcees who seek to glorify God in their marriage.  To make it absolutely clear to everyone involved, I separate the civil and ceremonial aspects of marriage.  By marrying at the … Continue reading

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Memoirs of an ordinary pastor #3

This is the second of Don Carson’s reflections on his dad’s ministry and the work-life balance of the pastor. Mum used to tell us kids, “Work hard, and play hard, but never confuse the two.” By this she wanted us … Continue reading

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Memoirs of an ordinary pastor #2

Here’s Don Carson’s reflection on his dad’s 7 day a week, perfection driven workload. It helps me remember to do what I can with the gifts that I have in the place where I live with the people whom I … Continue reading

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Lessons from the journal of an ordinary partor #1

In his book The Memoirs of an ordinary pastor (the life and reflections of Tom Carson) Don Carson makes 9 observations of his father’s life and ministry which he hopes will guide and encourage other pastors in situations like his … Continue reading

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Carson on 5 trends in the church today

Thanks to Peter Cockrell for posting his notes from Don Carson’s talk at Bethlehem Baptist Church last Friday. In a nutshell, Carson seems to be saying: there’s lots of detailed academic knowledge but little mission in today’s church churches are … Continue reading

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Carson on Modernism, Postermodernism, Christian Knowledge and Maturity

I listened last week to a talk given by Don Carson in 1996 to the ministry teams at St Andrew the Great in Cambridge. I had listened to it before but not properly understood it. One of the greatest benefits … Continue reading

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