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Sabbatical Day 60: Delayed publication

I wrote this post offline on day 60, but we have either not had the time or reliable wi-fi since then (even now I can’t upload pictures!) We’re taking an afternoon rest in Taman Negara after a sweaty jungle trek … Continue reading

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The mental health of our kids and school.

The BBC has reported a significant rise in mental health issues for Britain’s school children. The problem has reached such endemic proportions that heads of schools are urging the government to improve CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) and the … Continue reading

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This is about more than the death of a newspaper

I’m already completely bored of the way the BBC and print media pour over the minutiae of the News of the World scandal like scavengers around a corpse.  The media pack has almost picked dry the carcass of that once … Continue reading

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To Miss with Love – education and prevailing culture

Katharine Birbalsingh’s “To Miss with Love” has raised issues with education but the issues are really with wider culture and values.  The problems in our schools are a greater problem than eduction per se and in this post I consider … Continue reading

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Conversations with an atheist on state education

I contributed last week to a debate on the Daily Telegraph forum which proposed the ending of state funding of faith schools. In response, I pointed out that secularism or atheism is a faith position, where faith as the assent to … Continue reading

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How can we be happy?

I might be out of touch.  Can anyone tell me how long our nations leaders, thinkers and shakers been talking about measuring the success of the country in terms of general well-being (GWB)? Are GDP and human rights are passée? … Continue reading

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