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Why Britain needs a new heart. Food banks and £1.56 trillion public debt: the problem is not political but pastoral

BBC Question Time last night left me deeply depressed by petty squabbling over the economy and the lack any real solution to our national problems of unplayable and burgeoning debt, £1,560,000,000,000 which increases by £107,000,000,000 per annum with only £513,000,000,000 … Continue reading

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Spurgeon: Feed your kids beside the shepherds’ tents

William Still, the Church of Scotland minister under whose preaching ministry I was converted, had a phrase “pastor, feed the sheep on such truth that men are called to Christ” [The Work of the Pastor]. C.H. Spurgeon uses similar language … Continue reading

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Grasping the threefold love of God

Reading John M. Frame’s Doctrine of God I came across the following extract from Francis Turretin’s, Institutes of Elenctic Theology, III.8,5 on God’s love. A threefold love of God is commonly held; or rather there are three degrees of one … Continue reading

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Christ, the Prophet, High Priest and King

The disputes in the Anglican Communion and Church of Scotland over homosexual sex have been conducted largely in the ethical realm. I’ll characture and oversimplify for the sake of illustration. One side asks; “is homosexual sex right or wrong?” Answer; … Continue reading

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The distinction between general faith and saving faith

It seems that belief in God is on the increase. Lots of people I meet believe in God, have faith in the existence of God, but are not children of God because their faith is not saving faith. The distinction … Continue reading

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