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Paul Gardner on covenant theology (part 3)

These notes were taken in the context of a lecture and are not a full transcript nor are they verbatim. Some ideas may be misrepresented by me. Paul Gardner – Session 3 Intro – reading from the confession of faith … Continue reading

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When division in the church is illegitimate

Evangelicals in Britain are at present dividing over various (arguably secondary) issues and yet are uniting with Anglo-Catholics and charismatics. These three groups have been historically suspicious of each other and yet they have been brought together by a common … Continue reading

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Evangelicals on homosexuality

I’ve posted before on the way evangelicals and liberals have been talking past each other in the debate on homosexuality. I believe the debate needs to move from a detached moralism to the offices of Christ as Prophet, Priest and … Continue reading

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Hug a liberal?

How many evangelicals would hug a liberal? I don’t mean literally. Paul tells Titus to “rebuke them [the circumcision party] sharply, that they may be sound in the faith” [Titus 1:13] and it is easy to take that as a … Continue reading

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