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10 marks of Christ upon which faith leans

What is Christian faith?  Faith is heart-felt, dependent trust in the person and work of Jesus Christ.  Here’s Ebenezer Erskine’s 10 marks of Christ upon which faith leans: Faith lives and leans upon the name of Christ; for “his name … Continue reading

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A parachute as an illustration of faith and works

I can’t imagine what skydivers think as they leap from a plane with a parachute tied to their back.  They have to have complete faith in the parachute before they jump, trusting that it will stop them crashing into the … Continue reading

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9 Christian personality types from Matthew 21

Will prostitutes, women who have sex with any man as long as he has enough money to pay for it, and tax collectors, greedy, corrupt, selfish and rich (city bankers?) enter the Kingdom of God? Jesus says that some will … Continue reading

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Russell Brand’s rebranding?

Russell Brand is interviewed in last week’s Big Issue. He talks about his married life to, as the interviewer describes her, “the Barbie-faced singer Katy Perry, whose Christian evangelical upbringing, day-glo wardrobe and teen following makes them an unlikely couple.”  … Continue reading

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Faith not the ability or zeal of a pastor

I am tempted to think that if I were more able and zealous then people might be converted and the church grow but of course this is nonsense. My trust must not be in me or my work but in … Continue reading

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Empiricism and faith in Nanny McPhee

Our family loved the first Nanny McPhee film with Emma Thompson so when adverts on buses appeared for “Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang” we had our Easter holiday cinema visit sorted. The second film was every bit as good … Continue reading

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Repentance is the mark of a Christian as much as faith.

When Jesus said “repent and believe” it was not merely a call to stop running away from God and to run to him, but that repentance is as much the mark of the ongoing Christian life as faith. Repentance is … Continue reading

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More Erskine like Piper

Here’s more classic Ebenezer Erskine with overtures of John Piper’s passionate theology (the full sermon is called God in Christ, a God of love). For a similar post, see Has Piper ever read Erskine? Is it so, that a God … Continue reading

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Ebenezer Erskine on neonomians

When grace and works are mixed, believers look at their walk, witness and works and say “I am such a poor, worthless, useless creature, that I am afraid I am none of them [a vessel in the house of God].” … Continue reading

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Directions for a peaceful death – Richard Baxter

Richard Baxter gives us great help in his directions for a peaceful death, as he encourages and instructs us to think God’s thoughts after him and so face death with His peace.  These are an abridged version with the main … Continue reading

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