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Reaching the Unreached – Session 3 – Duncan Forbes

Here are my notes from last week’s Reaching the Unreached conference, probably the best Christian conference I’ve been on.   If you weren’t there, the videos will be posted on the RTU blog.  As with all my conference notes, these are … Continue reading

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Liam Goligher on covenant theology (part 1)

Here’s my notes from yesterday afternoon’s excellent session by Liam Golagher on covenant theology at the Fellowship of Word and Spirit conference, Swanwick 2011. Lots to think about. These notes were taken in the context of a lecture and are … Continue reading

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The Top 10 on Transforming Grace (2008-09)

This time last year I posted the top 10 posts of the year.  Like this time last year I’ll take a break from blogging. I’m going back to the CPAS youth summer camp at Edgehill school in Devon then having … Continue reading

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Ebenezer Erskine on covenants

In the following extract from Ebenezer Erskine’s sermon on Hebrews 10:19-22, the contrast between the covenant of works and covenant of grace as understood by the reformers is put very well: It is pleasant hence to observe, how the method … Continue reading

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Kids’ bibles and the disasterous effect of only one tree in the garden

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on the Garden of Eden. We have several children’s bibles which I read to my boys at bedtime. Every one of these picture bibles begins with creation and makes the same mistake, … Continue reading

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Eternal torment and torture, annihilation or death-row and execution?

This post is on a controversial issue. I will declare from the outset that, due to my understanding of the function of the two trees in the Garden of Eden within the Adamic Covenant, I hold to the view that … Continue reading

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The grace of God in our sickness and the approach of death

The covenant of God’s grace with Adam reveals that our exclusion from God’s presence is both a blessing and a curse. Knowing the grace and goodness of God in the exclusion of Adam and Eve from the garden causes us … Continue reading

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