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Why you don’t have to be “good” to get to heaven

There are four types of people Jesus addresses in his gospel.  They have a mixture of pride or humility, ungodliness or godliness. Lots of people confuse these categories. They assume that “good” people are humble and godly and “bad” people … Continue reading

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More Erskine like Piper

Here’s more classic Ebenezer Erskine with overtures of John Piper’s passionate theology (the full sermon is called God in Christ, a God of love). For a similar post, see Has Piper ever read Erskine? Is it so, that a God … Continue reading

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At the cross

I’ve posted exerts from W.E. Sangster’s, A Spiritual Check-up (Christian Co-workers, taming the tongue and a home check-up). All the questions he asks leave room for spiritual growth and drive the believer back to Christ. This is Sangster’s Cross Centered … Continue reading

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Robo on a life worthy of your calling

I have taken the following quotes from James Robson’s Facebook status on Saturday. The Facebook status is temporary but these quotes are worth preserving. James set the quotes in the context of a life worthy of the calling we’ve received … Continue reading

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Packer on why a big view of God matters

Jim Packer writes that for four centuries European thought has been engaged in a process of “God shrinking” [does anyone know where he wrote that, I can’t find it]. The following quote comes from the preface to the 1973 edition … Continue reading

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