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Understanding Christian Suffering – the 4 Js

For many people the existence of suffering rules out the existence of the God of the bible. If God is good and all powerful then he would stop all the suffering and, therefore, as suffeirng exists, the God of the … Continue reading

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Why does God allow suffering? The three Js have the answer

If Good is good and God is all powerful, why does he allow suffering?  For many people God’s goodness and God’s power must logically result in a good world where good is defined as a world without suffering and, therefore, … Continue reading

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God’s sovereign grace revealed through Joseph the suffering servant king

I have just finished an 11 week sermon series in Genesis 37 to 50 and have realised for the first time that Joseph is the preeminent OT type of Christ, the suffering servant king. I need to write this down … Continue reading

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