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From the vicarage – April 2012

Do you think that the men in these two photos could be less alike? Could the lads with tattoos, baseball caps and attitude ever have anything in common with the orthodox Jewish man, with his uniform dress code, beard and … Continue reading

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When churches schism or grow

I blogged yesterday on acceptance and godliness in marriage and relationships. The principle of not mixing acceptance (justification) and behaviour (sanctification) in relating to God and each other applies to church as well as marriage. The result of mixing acceptance … Continue reading

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Justification by faith alone without works

I recently posted Benjamin Keach’s seven ways in which people misunderstand justification and so live impoverished even gospel denying lives. Here, Keach sets out true justification, without works: Thus having given you several dangerous, and corrupt Notions of Men about … Continue reading

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Understanding and behaviour; doctrine and life

One of the prayers in the 1662 prayer book is that ministers should teach by both their life and doctrine. I’m reading The Marrow of True Justification [The Biblical Doctrine of Justification without Works] by Benjamin Keach published in 1692. … Continue reading

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7 reasons to grasp justification by faith

In his book, The Marrow of True Justification, Benjamin Keach gives 7 reasons why Christians should grasp the doctrine of justification by faith: Because the doctrine of justification is one of the greatest and most weighty subjects I can insist … Continue reading

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How the cross enables ‘liberal’ church

Following on from yesterday’s post on Council Estate Christianity, I preached through Romans at the end of last year and have seen the need for justification by faith alone to be re-established in my life and church life as the … Continue reading

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Benjamin Keach – The Marrow of True Justification

Benjamin Keach’s The Marrow of True Justification: The biblical doctrine of justification without works was republished last month by Solid Ground Christian Books, with a foreword by one of my favourite authors Joel R. Beeke. Here’s the introduction to the … Continue reading

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Why John Piper wrote “The Future of Justification”

I’ve just finished John Piper’s book The Future of Justification (A response to N.T. Wright). Piper’s passionate pastoral reasons for keeping justification by faith alone central to Christian life and ministry state what I discovered the hard way and have … Continue reading

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