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Ebenezer Erskine on What sort of life springs out of the Tree of Life

If you have read this blog for many years, then you’ll know that I take Genesis 2:17 literally.  God said “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; 17 but you must not eat from the tree of … Continue reading

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Why you don’t need to clean yourself up before God. Matt Chandler.

You know that feeling when you’ve offended someone and even after saying sorry there’s a bit of an atmosphere?  Jesus justifies sinners before God so that there’s no more atmosphere, no awkwardness, between God and us.  When Jesus justifies sinners … Continue reading

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Spurgeon: Feed your kids beside the shepherds’ tents

William Still, the Church of Scotland minister under whose preaching ministry I was converted, had a phrase “pastor, feed the sheep on such truth that men are called to Christ” [The Work of the Pastor]. C.H. Spurgeon uses similar language … Continue reading

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Grasping the threefold love of God

Reading John M. Frame’s Doctrine of God I came across the following extract from Francis Turretin’s, Institutes of Elenctic Theology, III.8,5 on God’s love. A threefold love of God is commonly held; or rather there are three degrees of one … Continue reading

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On having a full relationship with God the Father

At the heart of Christian life there is a relationship with God as Father.  R.A. Finlayson writes about this relationship in his Reformed Theological Writings: God is Father in a special way to his redeemed people; Christ taught his disciples … Continue reading

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Ebenezer Erskine on what it means to be justified

Here’s a little extract from another Ebenezer Erskine sermon, this time on the wonders of what it means to be justified. It is God that justifies, who is he that condemns? It is Christ that died, yea, rather that is … Continue reading

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It is a thing most wonderful

On Sunday evening, the first Sunday of advent, I preached Romans 5:8-9 on the undeserved kindness of God in Christ. God has shown his love to us Jesus did something wonderful by dying for us We did nothing to deserve … Continue reading

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When churches schism or grow

I blogged yesterday on acceptance and godliness in marriage and relationships. The principle of not mixing acceptance (justification) and behaviour (sanctification) in relating to God and each other applies to church as well as marriage. The result of mixing acceptance … Continue reading

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Unravelling acceptance and godliness

At the heart of Christian faith and practice there are two mutually exclusive truths. The first is that God accepts (justifies) sinners through faith in his crucified Son, Jesus Christ. The second is that these children of God should want … Continue reading

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Understanding and behaviour; doctrine and life

One of the prayers in the 1662 prayer book is that ministers should teach by both their life and doctrine. I’m reading The Marrow of True Justification [The Biblical Doctrine of Justification without Works] by Benjamin Keach published in 1692. … Continue reading

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