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Why God created a world in which evil exists

Last Saturday, I was at our youth camp reunion. At a question and answers session, I was asked by one of the young lads how to defend the goodness of God when evil exists. They were debating in RS at … Continue reading

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5 Christian Leadership Types

Last week I summarised chapter 2 of Knowing God by Jim Packer. In that chapter he gave 4 marks of Christian living which result from a deep knowledge of God: Great energy For God Great thoughts of God Great boldness … Continue reading

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Packer on Knowledge of God

I am reading “Knowing God” by Jim Packer with my ministry trainee. These notes from chapter 2 show the essence of Packer’s faith; the knowledge of God must make a real difference to the way we cope with life situations. … Continue reading

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Packer on why a big view of God matters

Jim Packer writes that for four centuries European thought has been engaged in a process of “God shrinking” [does anyone know where he wrote that, I can’t find it]. The following quote comes from the preface to the 1973 edition … Continue reading

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