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John Frame on knowing how we know things and authority

I’m reading John Frame’s “The doctrine of the knowledge of God” with my Ministry Trainee and have found the opening three chapters really helpful on knowledge. Frame divides knowledge into: Normative:  The knowledge of God. We know God only through … Continue reading

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Art, virtue and knowledge in good communication.

I’ve been thinking about Rico Tice’s seminar on evangelistic preaching and believe his diagram on art, virtue and knowledge in sermons can be applied to all verbal communication including dialogue. In any verbal communication there is a degree of art. … Continue reading

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Thinking again about atheism

My recent encounters with atheists on this blog have got me thinking again about what atheism is.  I write from the perspective of an ex-atheist.  From the age of 18 to 23 I called myself an atheist and even joined … Continue reading

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13 Christian personality types

I’ve recently posted on 8 biblical personality types, which describe all people. Narrowing the focus to Christian believers, I believe that 1st Peter provides four categories which define 13 Christian personality types. The four categories are: Faith in Christ (1 … Continue reading

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