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Labour must change worldview or die

Economically, the Labour movement stands for the fair and equal distribution of wealth created by economic activity. Everyone has a part in manufacturing widgets and serving one another, so everyone should have a share in the proceeds. There are only … Continue reading

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The origins of British foreign policy

Listening to David Miliband when he stepped down as shadow foreign secretary following his brother’s victory in the leadership election, it occurred to me that the shape of British foreign policy is something which is not shared with all nations. … Continue reading

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From the vicarage extra – a summary of the local candidates.

It’s four days until the general election. This post is a summary of what I’ve discovered about the candidates for West Bromwich East. I have listed their responses to my questions set out in from the vicarage March 2010 and … Continue reading

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Has your MP kept a vineyard?

Yesterday ‘s post on art, virtue and knowledge in public speaking applies as much to members of parliament as to ministers in the church. MPs fall when virtue is absent. So here’s some more food for thought for any prospective … Continue reading

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Mending broken Britain – the solution is not initially a political one

In a survey conducted for the The Times last week 42% of Brits said they would emigrate if they could. The results of the survey also included other startling headline statistics: Over 60% of voters do not recognise the nation … Continue reading

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How can we be happy?

I might be out of touch.  Can anyone tell me how long our nations leaders, thinkers and shakers been talking about measuring the success of the country in terms of general well-being (GWB)? Are GDP and human rights are passée? … Continue reading

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