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West Bromwich East Hustings at Holy Trinity

Ian Garrett (Liberal), Alistair Thompson (Conservative), Tom Watson (Labour) and a UKIP representative will take part in a hustings for West Bromwich East to be held at 7:30pm Thursday 29th April at Holy Trinity Church, Mary Road West Bromwich, B70 … Continue reading

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Holy, catholic and apostolic?

I used the following Venn diagram in Sunday’s sermon to illustrate 1 Peter 1:13 to 2:11 and what happens to churches when they let go of one of the three functions of church, to be holy, catholic and apostolic. Holy … Continue reading

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The Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans and the danger of a gospel denying fault line

I wrote yesterday about the problems within orthodoxy and liberalism on the issue of human sexuality in the Anglican communion. The debate as it has been conducted has focused on the single issue of the rights and wrongs of homosexual … Continue reading

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Hug a liberal?

How many evangelicals would hug a liberal? I don’t mean literally. Paul tells Titus to “rebuke them [the circumcision party] sharply, that they may be sound in the faith” [Titus 1:13] and it is easy to take that as a … Continue reading

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Unravelling acceptance and godliness

At the heart of Christian faith and practice there are two mutually exclusive truths. The first is that God accepts (justifies) sinners through faith in his crucified Son, Jesus Christ. The second is that these children of God should want … Continue reading

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