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Tracing routes to liberalism

In his letter to Titus, the apostle Paul writes “An elder must hold firmly to the trustworthy message he’s been taught so he can encourage others with sound doctrine.” By sound doctrine Paul means the biblical sort. There are various … Continue reading

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An example of drifting to liberalism

Yesterday’s blog post outlined a way of checking against a slide from a biblical worldview to a liberal or non-biblical one. To help see how the check works I thought I’d do a worked example. The diagram below shows basic … Continue reading

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Avoid the slide from biblical to liberal theology

Like all other belief systems, reformed, evangelical, scriptural thinking is done within a system of basic tenets. There’s a set of interlinked biblical doctrines and attitudes which underlie it all and these are listed below. About once a year I … Continue reading

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BBC Radio 4 Today programme editors – wolves in sheep’s clothing

Did anyone catch this morning’s main headline on the Today programme? The item of greatest public concern this morning was “the British public are becoming more liberal with respect to sexual ethics but more conservative economically”. The BBC’s social policy … Continue reading

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Unravelling acceptance and godliness

At the heart of Christian faith and practice there are two mutually exclusive truths. The first is that God accepts (justifies) sinners through faith in his crucified Son, Jesus Christ. The second is that these children of God should want … Continue reading

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The Doubts of Liberalism and Darwinism

One striking aspect of the popular liberal theology of the last century was a retreat to the subjective in the face of the bullish confidence of the scientific era. Liberal theology had its doubts because scientists had none. There are … Continue reading

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How liberalism destroyed true liberty

Last week I took my kids to their swimming lessons at a local secondary school. I didn’t notice as we left that my daughter had emerged from the girls changing room without her swimming gear and cardigan. The next morning … Continue reading

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