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The BBC: too narrow and negative

I blogged last week on the danger of a gospel denying fault line in the Anglican Communion and am sad to see that the BBC is exacerbating the fault line by its narrow and negative reporting of the matter. Headlines … Continue reading

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When division in the church is illegitimate

Evangelicals in Britain are at present dividing over various (arguably secondary) issues and yet are uniting with Anglo-Catholics and charismatics. These three groups have been historically suspicious of each other and yet they have been brought together by a common … Continue reading

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Evangelicals on homosexuality

I’ve posted before on the way evangelicals and liberals have been talking past each other in the debate on homosexuality. I believe the debate needs to move from a detached moralism to the offices of Christ as Prophet, Priest and … Continue reading

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Hug a liberal?

How many evangelicals would hug a liberal? I don’t mean literally. Paul tells Titus to “rebuke them [the circumcision party] sharply, that they may be sound in the faith” [Titus 1:13] and it is easy to take that as a … Continue reading

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