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The Canticle for Advent. What’s missing?

I’ve been using the Church of England’s prayers in the morning recently, and not just because I ought to, being a vicar and all.  I find the mixture of prayers based on scripture, the psalms and readings work well together.  … Continue reading

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Beware of Anglican Liturgy

I’m ordained in the Anglican Church yet have never really used the daily office for my prayers and devotions. Part of the preference was due to the complexity of using Common Worship.  I never really worked out which page to … Continue reading

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A liturgy for Ash Wednesday

Brothers and sisters in Christ, since early days Christians have observed with great devotion the time of our Lord’s passion and resurrection and prepared for this by a season of penitence and fasting. By carefully keeping these days, Christians take … Continue reading

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Liturgy for the Sermon on the Mount

I’m preaching through the sermon on the mount and as always have liturgy to match the sermon series.  I’ve used Jesus’ sermon structure to pattern what we say: the beatitudes, the law, confession. Remember us, O Lord, When you come … Continue reading

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Liturgy for Titus (confession and creed)

We started a 7-week series on Paul’s letter to Titus on Sunday. As we try to match liturgy to the word, I’ve written a confession based on Titus 2 and picked up a creed from Michael Perry’s book “Bible Prayers … Continue reading

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Form, content and character in church meetings

A God glorifying church meeting is a combination of three things. 1. Content. Paul writes to Timothy “follow the pattern of sound words” (2 Tim 1:13-14). There are sound and unsound words and the church service must contain the former. … Continue reading

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Creed and confession for Colossians sermon series

We’re using the following creed and confession for our sermon series on Colossians which starts this Sunday. The creed comes from Michael Perry’s book “bible prayers for worship” which is out of print but Amazon.co.uk has a few second hand … Continue reading

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Liturgy for Judges (confession and others)

I’ve written a confession, absolution, opening and closing prayers for our services throughout a sermon series on Judges which started last Sunday.  There is no copyright, as it’s God’s word, if anyone wants to use or adapt them. Opening prayer … Continue reading

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