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Russell Brand’s rebranding?

Russell Brand is interviewed in last week’s Big Issue. He talks about his married life to, as the interviewer describes her, “the Barbie-faced singer Katy Perry, whose Christian evangelical upbringing, day-glo wardrobe and teen following makes them an unlikely couple.”  … Continue reading

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What really makes men happy?

The Times magazine ran four articles on Saturday on the unhappy state of British men. The articles were fascinating. The last one, by Robert Crampton, highlighted the root of the problem: What really makes men happy? Richer, safer, healthier, more … Continue reading

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The Crisis in British Masculinity

There’s more evidence in last week’s Daily Mail of discontent amongst British women due to a crisis of masculinity in British men. Liz Jones writes “Who created this generation of feeble ‘Hotel Mum’ men? Er, I did” Jones is scathing … Continue reading

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The vicar’s wife and lads’ mags

There’s been little local storm brewing over at the Express and Star after they ran an article about the successful complaint by the vicar’s wife which led to lads’ mags at Asda being moved to the top shelf. I was … Continue reading

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How patience makes a man

In a recent conversation with James Lawrence from CPAS, we talked about the crisis of masculinity affecting western men. If the feminist movement was a reaction to male dominance, men now need to work out together what it is to … Continue reading

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