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40 days of transformation: Day 7 – true identity

I’ve been challenged this week to ensure that I really know my true identity, not just think I know my true identity.  I have several conflicting identities which swim around in my head: tall, bald, Scotsman, married to Amanda and … Continue reading

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Spurgeon on a living a Christ centred life.

Every prayer, every sermon, every waking moment, every dream, all of life must be saturated with Christ.  Here’s C.H. Spurgeon’s thoughts on preaching and living the Christ-centred life: See to it then, beloved, that you never pray a prayer which … Continue reading

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Bookmarks for a Swedish Bible Study group

With the help of Alex Grey Jones, we have produced bookmarks for small group members at Holy Trinity.  On the front we have a copy of our mission and vision statements and on the back a 5-step guide to the … Continue reading

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Oh to speak with conviction

My earlier post on mortification, crucifixion and prayer not only addresses ministry burnout but also conviction.  When I am tired and prayerless I am more alive to sin than dead to it and that includes a lack of conviction of … Continue reading

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What motivates your personal devotion (quiet time)?

My ministry trainee has been asked by the DDO (Diocesan Director of Ordinands) to spend some time using the Anglican daily office in preparation for selection conference. He has also been asked to interview me about my devotional life. In … Continue reading

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Theological meditation of my six year old

As my nearly seven year old son, the joker, and I chatted last night about matters of faith and salvation he said: Dad I know why God made snow white. It’s so that we can remember that although our hearts … Continue reading

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25 benefits of faith union with Christ

The table below lists 25 of the benefits of faith union with Christ. Christ won all these for his people on the cross. To benefit from them we need to spend time dwelling on them and thanking him for them. … Continue reading

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The benefit of biblical meditation

I find I can read lists like yesterday’s on the significance of adoption without letting what I’ve read sink in. Thomas Watson writes in his exposition of the Beatitudes There are many truths swim in the brain, which do not … Continue reading

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