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The difficult work of goal setting in Christian ministry.

It has only just occurred to me how difficult it is to set shared goals in Christian ministry.  I was used to working in the engineering industry where goal setting is very concrete and everyone employed works naturally toward the … Continue reading

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The vicar does Youtube: welcome to Holy Trinity

We’re breaking down the church walls in a small way by getting ourselves out on Youtube.  We have made a video using a simple personal video camera, so it is a bit amateurish, no oscars for my performance, but that’s … Continue reading

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Finding purpose and future possibility for the local church

Next Thursday is the second anniversary of my induction as vicar of Holy Trinity West Bromwich. As a leader I am constantly faced with questions about how lead God’s people and to find the answers to my questions I turn … Continue reading

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Unblocking my church leadership

I’ve been in post as vicarage of Holy Trinity West Bromwich for 20 months. In the first 7 months I had created a church mission statement with the PCC, so we know who we are and what we are about … Continue reading

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