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From the vicarage March 2014

From the Vicarage – March 2014 It’s not long until “A Passion for Life.” Our teams at church are beginning to prepare for all the events, publicity is being printed, people are praying, expectation is growing. So, as we approach … Continue reading

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How should we view immigration?

There’s been plenty of media and political speculation over the past days and weeks on what will happen now that Romanians and Bulgarians have open access to live in the UK. The national narrative on immigration includes lines like: Labour’s … Continue reading

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Who do we believe has the initiative when evangelizing?

In Mark 1, Jesus says “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.” This sentence is then often shortened, if not in reality then in our own minds, to “unbelievers … Continue reading

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When risk and reward replace duty and love

The UK was once marked by a spirit of duty under God and love.  Men and women would go to great lengths to do the right thing for others, even at great personal cost.  This spirit has been replaced in … Continue reading

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Curates. Beware of the step!

I’m interested to know what advice new incumbents [or pastors] might give to curates [or assistant ministers] whilst the experience of stepping up from the number two position to number one in church life is still fresh. I have been … Continue reading

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Developing leadership in a changing church

I am one of 12 new incumbents (vicars) on an 18-month training programme called “developing leadership in a changing church.”  The programme has been run for ten years by four Church of England dioceses; Lichfield, Coventry, Birmingham and Worcester.  The … Continue reading

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Rico Tice – the identity, mission and call of Christ

Rico Tice’s seminar at Bible by the Beach focused on leading unbelievers into a full relationship with Christ, using Mark’s gospel. Rico took the identity, mission and call of Christ as essential truths, and highlighted a related truth; any Christian … Continue reading

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