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The confessionally Christian state

This is an extract from David Field’s lecture at the Oak Hill School of Theology 2008, A Higher Throne, Evangelicals and Public Theology. In this paper, Samuel Rutherford and the confessionally Christian state, we find good biblical reasons not to … Continue reading

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An example of drifting to liberalism

Yesterday’s blog post outlined a way of checking against a slide from a biblical worldview to a liberal or non-biblical one. To help see how the check works I thought I’d do a worked example. The diagram below shows basic … Continue reading

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Avoid the slide from biblical to liberal theology

Like all other belief systems, reformed, evangelical, scriptural thinking is done within a system of basic tenets. There’s a set of interlinked biblical doctrines and attitudes which underlie it all and these are listed below. About once a year I … Continue reading

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5 types of Christian preachers

After posting yesterday on revival, I received some helpful comments about revivalism. These reminded me of what William Still wrote in his autobiography as he moved away from revivalism to solid biblical teaching about Christ. His move created what might … Continue reading

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Tim Keller – Preaching to the heart

Here’s my notes from today’s talks by Tim Keller on preaching at Oak Hill. (These talks are now available as MP3s at the Oak Hill webiste.) It was great to catch up with old friends, both faculty and students, as … Continue reading

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Thomas Schreiner on warning passages and perseverance

Yesterday I went to the annual Oak Hill school of theology where Tom Schreiner was speaking on the nature of warning passages in the New Testament. His four accessible and pastorally applied lectures were entitled: > How to understand the … Continue reading

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