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10 ways in which God in Christ is a God of love #1

Here’s abridged extracts from Ebenezer Erskine’s 10 point sermon on 10 ways in which God in Christ is a God of love: 1. GOD in Christ is a reconciled God, a God of peace, that has received the atonement : … Continue reading

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5 Christian Leadership Types

Last week I summarised chapter 2 of Knowing God by Jim Packer. In that chapter he gave 4 marks of Christian living which result from a deep knowledge of God: Great energy For God Great thoughts of God Great boldness … Continue reading

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Carson Pue on Mentoring Leaders #1

Here’s the first of my notes from one of my summer reads, Carson Pue’s Mentoring Leaders. It’s great holiday read; anecdotal, clear and provides a useful spiritual self-examination as well as guidance on developing other leaders. Pue insists, rightly, that … Continue reading

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How to make peace at church (part 1)

My first sermon series at Holy Trinity is the letter to the Philippians, preached prophylactically (this is not a strange variant of prophecy and, for Australian readers, prophylactic means the prevention of a disease when a body is infected with … Continue reading

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How the cross heals

“Healing ministry” has become a popular aspect of church services, largely in charismatic churches, but not confined to that constituency. I have no doubts that God heals people of physical sickness, gradually and instantly and that we should pray for … Continue reading

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No peace without holiness, no holiness without peace

I’ve talked elsewhere about the nagging sense of guilt I experienced when in my mind I mixed grace with works. Here’s the preface to Horatius Bonar’s “God’s Way of Holiness“, which gets to the heart of the matter; that there … Continue reading

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11 reasons for attaining a peaceable disposition

It’s not long until the Anglican Lambeth Conference. The last conference in 1998 will be remembered for flared tempers, angry disputes and a media circus which fed on the strife like famished piranhas. Most Christians know of those who have … Continue reading

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