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Keller on the idolatry of ministry

In a recent interview, Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York, was asked the following question: Q: What safeguards should 20-something pastors have in place to avoid the idolatry of ministry fame and the attitude of big numbers equals … Continue reading

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The difference between a legalist and an evangelical

Following yesterday’s post on avoiding neonomian evangelism, this extract from Ralph Erskine’s work, Gospel Truth, helps clarify the difference between a legalist (neonomian) and an evangelical (”gospel-believing”) Christian: (1.) They differ in their complaints. The legalist will complain more for … Continue reading

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Carson on 5 trends in the church today

Thanks to Peter Cockrell for posting his notes from Don Carson’s talk at Bethlehem Baptist Church last Friday. In a nutshell, Carson seems to be saying: there’s lots of detailed academic knowledge but little mission in today’s church churches are … Continue reading

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