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Why you don’t have to be “good” to get to heaven

There are four types of people Jesus addresses in his gospel.  They have a mixture of pride or humility, ungodliness or godliness. Lots of people confuse these categories. They assume that “good” people are humble and godly and “bad” people … Continue reading

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Self esteem and marriage failure

At our men’s breakfast on Saturday, we discussed an article by India Knight on the break up of Madonna and Guy Ritchie. According to Knight, the 7-year marriage followed a typical path: Two successful, fulfilled people with lots of self-esteem … Continue reading

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Carson Pue on Mentoring Leaders #2

I have a six-month review in a couple of weeks’ time. I want to make the most of the opportunity to have helpful and realistic feedback on how my ministry and leadership is going. In Mentoring Leaders, Carson Pue recommends … Continue reading

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