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Richard Pratt on Acts and Reformed Theology at FoWS conferene 2012

These are my patchy notes from the first of Richard Pratt’s lectures at the Fellowship of Word and Spirit Conference 2012.These notes may not reflect exactly what was said but how I heard it and write it down. Acts and … Continue reading

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The growth of Reformed Theology in the UK

If the number of new academic journals on a subject is a measure of a growth in interest in that subject then reformed theology is growing in popularity. The Scottish Reformation Society has just published its first volume of its … Continue reading

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On having a full relationship with God the Father

At the heart of Christian life there is a relationship with God as Father.  R.A. Finlayson writes about this relationship in his Reformed Theological Writings: God is Father in a special way to his redeemed people; Christ taught his disciples … Continue reading

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Tracing routes to liberalism

In his letter to Titus, the apostle Paul writes “An elder must hold firmly to the trustworthy message he’s been taught so he can encourage others with sound doctrine.” By sound doctrine Paul means the biblical sort. There are various … Continue reading

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Preacher, what do you depend on?

I often feel inadequate as a preacher.    I don’t know if this is because of being dyslexic in a word ministry. It is very easy to convince myself that non-dyslexic preachers must have it much easier than me. In some … Continue reading

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Avoid the slide from biblical to liberal theology

Like all other belief systems, reformed, evangelical, scriptural thinking is done within a system of basic tenets. There’s a set of interlinked biblical doctrines and attitudes which underlie it all and these are listed below. About once a year I … Continue reading

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Ebenezer Erskine on covenants

In the following extract from Ebenezer Erskine’s sermon on Hebrews 10:19-22, the contrast between the covenant of works and covenant of grace as understood by the reformers is put very well: It is pleasant hence to observe, how the method … Continue reading

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