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9 Christian personality types from Matthew 21

Will prostitutes, women who have sex with any man as long as he has enough money to pay for it, and tax collectors, greedy, corrupt, selfish and rich (city bankers?) enter the Kingdom of God? Jesus says that some will … Continue reading

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Repentance is the mark of a Christian as much as faith.

When Jesus said “repent and believe” it was not merely a call to stop running away from God and to run to him, but that repentance is as much the mark of the ongoing Christian life as faith. Repentance is … Continue reading

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Unloading condemnation everyday

This picture is taken from the cover of The Doctrine of Repentance by Thomas Watson [published by Puritan Paperbacks]. It depicts a scene from The Pilgrim’s Progress where Christian arrives at the cross and his burden falls off and tumbles … Continue reading

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EQ and the wisdom of God

Many churches, it seems to me, believe they are purpose driven, gospel focused and working together for God. In reality, however, they are actually driven by the egos of the individuals in the church. What is lacking is not a … Continue reading

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I don’t deserve the Lord’s love (a 4th verse)

I’ve had a go at another verse to the prayer I posted yesterday. I didn’t like the sin-Jesus-sin order of the three verse version. With four verses the order can go: sin-Jesus-sin-Jesus, finishing on a positive note of imputed righteousness … Continue reading

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