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Why does Christ commend himself if self praise is no praise?

Anyone who said “I am the bread of life” or “I am the good shepherd” would normally be considered to be self-inflated and proud, or worse, a madman.  So why does Christ do it?  Charles Spurgeon writes in his sermon … Continue reading

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Doctrine Who

We’ve got a new character in church to help us learn who Jesus is and what he has done, Doctrine Who. This was the idea of my elder son, the Joker. We were doing the first of nine big words … Continue reading

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Tracing routes to liberalism

In his letter to Titus, the apostle Paul writes “An elder must hold firmly to the trustworthy message he’s been taught so he can encourage others with sound doctrine.” By sound doctrine Paul means the biblical sort. There are various … Continue reading

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Cosmological and millenial eschatology lectures at MMTC

I lectured today on cosmological and millennial eschatology at MMTC and said I’d put my diagrams on the blog for those who couldn’t read them from the back of the room (sorry!) For anyone who wasn’t there, we covered the … Continue reading

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An example of drifting to liberalism

Yesterday’s blog post outlined a way of checking against a slide from a biblical worldview to a liberal or non-biblical one. To help see how the check works I thought I’d do a worked example. The diagram below shows basic … Continue reading

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