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From the vicarage March 2012

This month we continue the theme of acceptance, as we turn from our acceptance from God to acceptance of self. One of the buzz words of our generation is “self-esteem.” It means feeling good about oneself. Self-esteem is our own … Continue reading

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When division in the church is illegitimate

Evangelicals in Britain are at present dividing over various (arguably secondary) issues and yet are uniting with Anglo-Catholics and charismatics. These three groups have been historically suspicious of each other and yet they have been brought together by a common … Continue reading

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How liberalism destroyed real love

I’ve recently found an understated, but real and present yearning for a greater freedom for Christian people to express their love for each other. Our growth group uncovered this week how liberalism has destroyed real love as we considered Romans … Continue reading

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How church leaders implement change

When a church leadership wants to implement change, Romans chapters 12-16 sets the parameters: Change must be for the sake of mission: Christ died for the circumcised in order that the Gentiles might glory God for his mercy (15:8). Yet, … Continue reading

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Liberals, conservatives, and the fit between the gospel and the law

This post might seem obvious to some people, but I think I’ve put the final piece of the gospel and law puzzle in place in my mind. I know that it’s really important that I work this though, as Spurgeon … Continue reading

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