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A parachute as an illustration of faith and works

I can’t imagine what skydivers think as they leap from a plane with a parachute tied to their back.  They have to have complete faith in the parachute before they jump, trusting that it will stop them crashing into the … Continue reading

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Burns nicht poem: Holy Willie’s Prayer

My kids came home from school, in West Bromwich, and asked if we could celebrate Burns night. “You’re Scottish, dad, we should celebrate.” “Aye, but I’m an east coaster and we didnae really celebrate Burns nicht oan the east coast.” … Continue reading

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Liturgy for Judges (confession and others)

I’ve written a confession, absolution, opening and closing prayers for our services throughout a sermon series on Judges which started last Sunday.  There is no copyright, as it’s God’s word, if anyone wants to use or adapt them. Opening prayer … Continue reading

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Christ, the Prophet, High Priest and King

The disputes in the Anglican Communion and Church of Scotland over homosexual sex have been conducted largely in the ethical realm. I’ll characture and oversimplify for the sake of illustration. One side asks; “is homosexual sex right or wrong?” Answer; … Continue reading

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What ever happened to the devil?

At a camp planning meeting a while ago, I suggested that the devil might go alongside a list of people who is thought to have control in the world. Gordon Brown, George Dubya Bush, Osama Bin Laden and the British … Continue reading

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